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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Within this resource section for parents, we will provide articles and helpful information for all parents.  Baseball is a fun game.  Our players will have more fun playing the game when we as parents have the correct parenting approach.  Let's make playing the game of baseball a memorable experience for our kids, for all the right reasons!

Estimated Probability of Competing in College Athletics

The latest NCAA statistics for the probability of high school athletes playing in college by sport. Play multiple sports! Play with your teammates and friends from school and compete for the ENJOYMENT the experience!

Failure of Youth Sports

Interesting article by John Tauer, leading psychology professor and head basketball coach.

The Road to Nowhere in Youth Sports

A great article on why playing multiple sports is beneficial for kids!

Professional Baseball Player Becomes Youth Coach

Mike Matheny's letter to his parents on the youth team he was coaching.

Is it wise to specialize?

Great article discussing the benefits of not specializing in a sport and the importance of playing other sports throughout youth and high school athletic involvement.

USA Hockey Article Regarding Moving Kids to Higher Levels

An interesting article that may shed some perspective on moving kids to higher levels.