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Vision, Mission, Values & Handbook


To be a model youth organization that strives for excellence in all areas of youth baseball.


To provide a positive and competitive baseball experience for the players and families in New Prague and surrounding areas.


  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership
  • Service

Trojan Baseball Pyramid

1. The pyramid funnels from the bottom to the top.
2. Trojan Fundamentals are the core of our program.
3. Repetition of skills is implemented at every level.
4. Players progress to each level w/emphasis on improving core baseball skills and teamwork.
5. EVERYONE belongs to the Trojan Baseball Program!
6. Work together to develop players, coaches and the program.
7. Players learn multiple positions.
8. Practices will be designed to provide fundamental instruction.
9. Drills, techniques and terminology need to be uniform.
10. Goal: Players will develop a love for the game, become fundamentally sound, and have the goal of reaching the top of our pyramid!